Adult readers can read whatever the fuck they want.

I see there’s another click-bait piece at Snarky Grown-Up Media Website deriding adults who enjoy Young Adult novels. WATCH ME NOT CLICK THAT LINK, MUTHAFUCKAS. No, I haven’t read the article. When you put “shame” in the title, I know it’s nothing I haven’t seen already.

I haven’t read The Fault In Our Stars. I haven’t read Divergent, either. I only read The Hunger Games to spite all those racist assholes who couldn’t handle seeing black characters cast with black actors. I loves me some Harry Potter, however. I’m a novelist who writes fiction aimed at grown-ups, and guess what? Readers don’t have to apologize for their taste in books.

If a lot of adults are reading fiction marketed to teenagers, and not so much fiction marketed to adults, then perhaps it’s because the Young Adult stuff meets some needs that Adult stuff neglects. That it’s accessible to high school kids doesn’t make it any less fulfilling.

Somehow, I don’t think the Grown-Up Literary Snobs are interested in, say, understanding what it is about stories like The Fault In Our Stars that gets so many adult readers on board. I don’t think they’re interested in encouraging authors to write mature fiction that hits the right buttons the way best-selling YA fiction does now. I don’t think they’re interested in figuring out whether publishers could learn something from the success of some YA fiction and apply those lessons to the way they market adult fiction. They’re interested in defining themselves as the Supreme Arbiters of Literary Merit.

You want to tell us how much smarter and more sophisticated you are because you only read books that younger people aren’t expected to enjoy? You can stand up there on that pedestal and pat yourself on the back. I’ve had too much fun making new friends through Harry Potter.

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  1. You’ll be interested to know that the author of that piece is Billy Graham’s daughter, and that she describes sex in The Fault… as “deflowering” which tells you pretty much everything else you need to know about the “article” that you didn’t get from the title.

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