*looks outside* NOPE

I’m having a bout of depression now, and that doesn’t make me a very interesting blogger. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m not in any danger, I’m just always angry and bitter. If I don’t have a good reason to be angry, my jerkbrain will create a bad one. The weather this week (it’s consistently wet, gray and getting worse) certainly doesn’t help matters.

The next several months of my life (rough estimate) promise to be a parade of sleep deprivation and isolation. Part of that is because my new novel has reached another, promising stage of Almost Ready for Publication, and part of it is that I plan to commit another round of wall-busting and door-smashing on this blog. I can’t do it right now, as the Import tool on WordPress appears to be out of commission tonight, or it doesn’t like my Internet connection, but when it happens, shit’s getting real.


There were over 200 girls abducted from taking exams at school in Nigeria a couple weeks ago. Latest reports are that they were sold as brides to militants. Which means their new husbands are raping and beating those girls repeatedly until they get too tired to refuse anymore. Even if those girls eventually depart from their captors and reunite with their families, they won’t be able to just go back to normal and act like it was no big deal. If any of those girls get a chance to leave their captors behind, I suspect it won’t be all of them.