Missing the point AND proving it.

I mentioned the #UpForDebate tag on Twitter last night? Today I found this in my mentions.

You know I'm not really asking to compost Grampa, right?

You know I’m not really asking to compost Grampa, right?

The earlier commenter is also a participant in the discussion. The second commenter appears not to be.

The hashtag is used as a sort of Modest Proposal debate technique, in which we start tossing out “ideas” that we know perfectly well are horrible and offensive, and tag them with “up for debate,” as if there is any room for these atrocities in a civilized discussion.

The point is, that’s how it looks to us when we’re expected to “debate” reproductive freedom as if it’s just an interesting thought experiment and not a serious matter concerning our quality of life.

As for why I specified “retired white people,” specifically…yeah, there’s a reason for that, too. White people, qua whites, are not used to having our human rights put up for debate. There are other axes of oppression, of course! Many of us are affected by some degree and some combination of heterosexism, misogyny, transphobia, poverty, ableism, and regionalism. But simply as white people, our bodies are not for anyone else to exploit, destroy, neutralize or marginalize. People of color, especially blacks, have not been so lucky. (See also, for example.) When we’re in a situation in which some lives are considered not worth keeping around anymore, do not pretend that whites are in the same boat, and in just as deep, as everyone else. I specified retired white people, and not just elderly people in general, because I knew it would be especially shocking, precisely because it really is a break from the status quo.

And, of course the second commenter jumps in to prop up the status quo. No, don’t talk about hurting us, she says. Let’s talk about hurting everyone else.

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  1. alysonmiers you are so f–king brilliant some times!!! i admire you so much, really!

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