I need to be drunk before I can deal with Emily Yoffe.

No time for a full post at the mo’.

A little bird showed me on Facebook this morning that Emily Yoffe has once again taken to Slate to run her mouth about the relationship between intoxication (just on women’s part) and rape (overwhelmingly committed by men). It was a train wreck the last time did she did it, and it looks like she hasn’t learned a damn thing.

I can’t read the article. Not right now. I’m at work, where the pressure is absurd as usual, and…I think it’ll be best if I get nice and wasted before I dive into Yoffe’s latest iteration of Don’t Call it Victim-Blaming When I Blame Victims. I need to ride out the day, get home, have my way with the liquor cabinet, and THEN I can do something about this shit.