See what I mean? The joys of online dating.

This happens in my inbox on occasion. Somehow I suspect these messages are reserved just for bi women.


That’s my username blurred out at the top, but something tells me they sent the same message to a lot of users at the same time. Part of me is tempted to respond to this message and ask for specifics on what led them to choose me as a possible candidate for their triad.

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1 thought on “See what I mean? The joys of online dating.

  1. I think it would be cool if dating sites had a built in system that lets people do brain activities which are recorded so others can see how they rank in certain motor skills like math,figuring out equations, and just what skills that are good at in general. You know like they have games like Brainiversity. It would be cool to see what other people are good at. Some people like to see how intelligent others are before getting into any relationships. It would be kind of like e-harmony with a luminosity app built into profiles. Anyone else like this idea?

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