Apple, Y U do this?

I haven’t written here much lately, have I? It would be nice to say I’ve been diverted by something huge, like buying a house or planning a wedding, but, no. I’ve been busy with authoring duties, have made some effort towards learning a programming language, spending time with family and friends…

…let’s face it, I’m keeping a handle on my day job without killing anyone or setting anything on fire. That much is an all-encompassing endeavor.

Seriously, though, I have been doing other things while neglecting this blog, and that includes wrangling my second novel. Which brings me to my latest gripe: the new version of Apple Pages.

Several months ago, I set up a template in Pages for the print version of my urban fantasy. At the time, it had everything I needed, and I must say, it looked pretty good.

Last night, I opened it again to see if I could refine it any further. It still looks great, as long as you’re only scrolling through it one page at a time.

All the “facing pages” options are missing since I downloaded the new iWork suite.

Facing-pages options include having inside and outside margins (rather than just right and left) and arranging headers and footers according to whether the page is on the left or right. These are useful features for making books. These are the sort of subtle touches that make a book appear to be the work of professionals, rather than some smartass with a word processor and image editor on her Mac.

These features are now missing from Apple Pages. I’m not the only person to notice this.

This is an aggravation for a person who writes books and self-publishes. It’s possible that Apple will hear all the griping and return the facing-pages options to Pages in another update. It’s even possible they’ll do this before I’m ready to release my book. In the meantime, I have other options, none of which is as elegant as using Pages on my home laptop. I just started learning Scribus yesterday, which is great fun, but I don’t know how it would handle hundreds of pages of text in a single document.