Romeo Rose is still a trainwreck.

Jezebel is still useful. They give me the latest rubbernecking opportunity so I don’t have to Google the self-proclaimed Austin Royalty. (TW for link: rape apologism, racism, misogyny)

This little nugget turned up in the comment section. I present the screencap without comment:



6 thoughts on “Romeo Rose is still a trainwreck.

    • I’m kind of wondering what would be a “good” way to deal with him. OTOH, he seems to crave the attention, and to continue to point and laugh at him would just reward him. On the other, I feel like there’ll always be some people who really think he’s right and continue to tell him he’s awesome. Also: I enjoy mocking him and seek an excuse to continue. There, I said it.

    • What a piece of work. That is an entry in Derailing for Dummies, IIRC. When the dumbass is all out of arguments, he goes, “Fooled you! It was all a social experiment!” He can’t defend himself, so now he expects us to believe the joke is on us.

  1. Check out his brand new website for 2014, and take a look at his “Wanna Be My Girlfriend?” link. He’s not going away, unfortunately. A very scary man who seems never to learn.

    • Wouldn’t you know it! Dude posted a link to that very page ON MY ABOUT PAGE earlier today! Seriously. Go look at his comment on the About page. (NB: I have edited his URL to a DoNotLink.)

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