The Erasure of Renisha McBride

The Erasure of Renisha McBride

This 19-year-old black woman had a dead cell phone after a car accident in Dearborn Heights, MI. She knocked on a nearby door to ask for help. The homeowner shot her in the back of the head.

  1. The black community should be as outraged for #RenishaMcBride as they were for #TrayvonMartin
  2. @Brandale2221: Wait… The guy who shot #RenishaMcBride was not even taken into custody? …. * throws stuff*” … *throws another lamp*
  3. The murder of #RenishaMcBride is bigger than the PoS who shot her. It’s about the people who’ll make excuses and call it “self-defense.”
  4. To some my mere existence is a justifiable cause for my extermination. I am #RenishaMcBride
  5. What would happen to a black home owner that kills a white teen girl that was there seeking help?#RenishaMcBride

  6. These stories of young black men & women being shot and their killers walking free is too much! RIP #RenishaMcBride and #JonathanFerrell
  7. Black Women deserve justice as well and to be treated and seen as a damn human being #RenishaMcBride
  8. What are we going to do about this, white people? It’s past time. We owe Black people better than this fixing it’s on us. #RenishaMcBride
  9. White people: Please ask Wayne Co prosecutor why the man who shot #RenishaMcBride 4 days ago is not being identified.
  10. U don’t have the opportunity 2 show the “content of your character” if you’re murdered 4 simply existing as you were born. #RenishaMcBride
  11. #RenishaMcBride was not murdered in detroit. she was murdered in dearborn heights, a bedroom community that’s 86% white (per 2010 census)
  12. This #RenishaMcBride thing is totally reminding me of my friend Karl, killed by a white man while asking for help. He was shot in the head.
  13. This country has some fucked up priorities when it comes to gun laws. RIP #RenishaMcBride #fb
  14. Discussing the horrific & depraved murder of #RenishaMcBride or rapid release of her murderer isnt pleasant, but I can’t afford pleasantries
  15. PSA: Do not read the comments on any #RenishaMcBride stories. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
  16. So they’re killing black people for just knocking on doors now #RenishaMcBride smh
  17. anyone thinking dude shot #RenishaMcBride bc he misunderstood her asking for help? come, there’s a bridge i’d like to sell you.
  18. So, she was leaving the porch and he still shot her? #RenishaMcBride
  19. Why are people (media, police, etc.) treating the #RenishaMcBride shooting as anything other than 2nd degree murder?
  20. LET IT BE KNOWN, just how segregated the detroit area is. #RENISHAMCBRIDE WAS NOT KILLED IN DETROIT. she was killed in suburb, dearborn hts
  21. sadly, another car accident victim killed when seeking ‘good samaritan’ assistance #RenishaMcBride #JonathanFerrell
  22. Can we also talk about white people who believe that their property is worth more than a human life? #RenishaMcBride
  23. Michigan like the great State of Floriduh has “Stand Your Ground”#RenishaMcBride

  24. Driving while black. Shopping while black. Walking while black. Seeking help when injured…AND BLACK. #postracial #RenishaMcBride
  25. These stories of young black men & women being shot and their killers walking free is too much! RIP #RenishaMcBride and #JonathanFerrell
  26. Erasure: black people getting shot for no reason, white killers getting away with it. #RenishaMcBride
  27. This isn’t the first story I’ve seen this year of a black person asking for help and getting shot & killed 4 their trouble. #RenishaMcBride
  28. The message I’m starting to get from America is “you can’t be black, knock on a white person’s door for help &not die”….#RenishaMcBride
  29. IF she was a white girl, she would have been offered a phone call and something to eat. Let’s call it like it is. #RenishaMcBride
  30. I knocked on a neighbor’s door after I escaped an assault. They helped me. Why couldn’t #RenishaMcBride ask for help after car accident?

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2 thoughts on “The Erasure of Renisha McBride

    • It’s outrageous, and yet we keep hearing about cases of trigger-happy white folks shooting unarmed black folks just because they’re there, and paying no consequences.

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