Maryville, MO has blood on its hands.

How many more times is this shit going to happen?

A Missouri state representative’s 17-year-old grandson and his buddies pick up a couple of girls, ages 14 and 13, from their slumber party, drive them to the 17-year-old’s house, feed them enough hard liquor to make them black out, and record themselves fucking the intoxicated girls. They drive the girls back to the 14-year-old’s house, tell the 13-year-old to go on inside and that they’ll look after her friend until she sobers up; instead, they leave her outside, unconscious in freezing weather, wearing only a t-shirt and sweatpants. Fortunately, she wakes up and her mother brings her inside before she has time to die of hypothermia.

The girl’s mother takes her to the hospital, police are called, and, holy shit, arrests are swiftly made and appropriate charges filed. At the same time, folks around town start making threats against the 14-year-old victim and her widowed mother and older brothers. The girl is suspended from the cheerleading team. The mother loses her job. The usual talking points come up: “She was asking for it.” The girl and her mother are “crazy bitches.”

Despite the police having gathered all the evidence a prosecutor could ever ask for, the prosecutor drops the charges, but he insists it’s not about political connections, no, not at all. The prosecutor says it was all a matter of “incorrigible teenagers” drinking and fucking. “They were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No.”

After the charges are dropped, the victim-punishing gets even worse. The girl is called a “skank,” and so forth. The sheriff blames the girls’ mothers for the justice system’s inertia. The widowed mother packs up her kids and moves back to Albany. Her house in Maryville somehow burns to the ground.

Her daughter has attempted suicide twice in the past two years despite regularly being in therapy. The girl has been repeatedly hospitalized and has spent 3 months at a group home for “struggling” teens. Her rapist is in college and Tweeting about how all women want to fall on his cock.

The Kansas City Star has wisely disabled commenting on the article.

Now Anonymous has taken up the case. I suspect Maryville will soon be casting itself as the victim of Anonymous’s vindictive witch-hunting. I’m sure they’re so sorry they’ve been caught.

6 thoughts on “Maryville, MO has blood on its hands.

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  2. This is another case where I feel like I should oppose Anonymous’ tactics and yet…I can’t quite bring myself to be opposed. Y’know, this is such a clear case of the prosecutor being a good ol’ boy that I find myself on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what Anonymous does to the mayor, prosecutor, and perps.

  3. I’m sick of these news stories about alleged crimes that went unpunished that beckon the virtual townspeople of the Internet to pick up their virtual torches and virtual pitch forks so that they can jump to conclusions and assume someone is guilty. Condemning alleged criminals is just a way to make them feel better about their own pathetic lives and small, insecure egos. Reading and replying to stories like this becomes a form of bullying for them.

    Let the people involved work it out for themselves. It’s not the whole world’s business. People can fight their own fights. Sometimes they lose. It’s the fight that counts.

  4. Oh, and females really need to either learn self-defense or just never leave their houses without chaperones. That’s how you prevent rape.

    Parents letting their daughters go out alone should just expect they’re going to be raped. If I had a daughter, she’d never go on any dates or to any parties where there wasn’t an adult present because she and her peers are too young to be sexually responsible.

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