Good News for Marissa Alexander

I have shamelessly copy-pasted this from Black Skeptics:

From the Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign:

Dear advocates and activists for justice,

Yesterday’s thrilling overturn of the guilty verdict against Marissa Alexander put the onus on Florida State Prosecutor Angela Corey to either try Marissa again or drop the case. We say drop the case!  Stop this cruel and unforgivable vendetta against a mother of three who did no wrong, but defended her life by taking the only action she felt possible. Stop using taxpayer money to hound and harass a domestic violence survivor.


The state of Florida has until October 16 to refile charges against Marissa. We need to put the pressure on now to convince Prosecutor Corey not to do it. Marissa has already spent three years apart from her children and family. Her life has been changed forever by the state’s vicious Mandatory Minimum sentencing and its cold insensitivity to the realities of the sufferings of abused women.

Join the Free Marissa Now conference call tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 28 to brainstorm our strategy for a massive international campaign to get this case dismissed now. What about a national call-in day, a new petition, letter writing campaigns, and media outreach? What other ideas do you have? How would you like to take part? How can the Drop the Case demand be worked into other organizing you are doing? Let’s talk — and then let’s act!

Date: Saturday, September 28

Time:   3:30pm Pacific Time
6:30pm Eastern Time

Call-in: 1-646-307-1300


Code: 633883#


National Action to Persuade the State to Drop the Case!

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  1. As a Floridian, this is the only thing I have seen that makes the Trayvon Martin murder have any impact on society. As the mom of a teen I am still very upset about that. Thanks for posting this

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