My fellow Americans: please stop shooting each other.

There was a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard this morning. Don’t worry, folks, I’m fine! I was nowhere near the shooting, I am safely at work, and I expect to make it safely home tonight.

It’s probably due to some combination of the fact that a) I continue to be criminally overworked, and b) this damn shit just keeps happening in this effing country, that all I can bring myself to feel at the moment is: “Seriously, America? Again? Can you get a new hobby?”

If hope my gun-loving friends can at least agree with me on this much: If going on a shooting spree starts looking like a good idea, you should not have guns in your possession.

1 thought on “My fellow Americans: please stop shooting each other.

  1. I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that so many people think a gun is the answer to all their problems. Glad you’re OK :)

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