Privilege is Never Having to Say You Screwed Up

See all those retweets in my Twitter feed with the tag #solidarityisforwhitewomen? Yeah, it’s trending and I’ve been glued to it for the last day and a half or so. I see a lot of (white, upset) people wandering in and demanding to know what in the fresh hell is THIS shameless new TT. To describe the purpose of the tag, in brief: it’s about exposing the ways that mainstream (read: white-dominated) feminism excludes, marginalizes and tokenizes women of color. We could call it an airing of feminism’s dirty laundry, which is desperately needed because the laundry has been wafting toxic fumes all over the house.

The founder of the tag is Mikki Kendall, which you wouldn’t know from reading Jezebel’s rather belated coverage of the tag. For the background of this discussion, I greatly encourage you to read this Storify:  On Hugo Schwyzer, White Supremacist Feminism and Its Abuse of WOC*

(*Women of Color)

If you don’t have time, perhaps I can sum up: Hugo Schwyzer is an asshole of fractal proportions, has been ESPECIALLY destructive to WOC feminists, and high-profile white feminist writers and sites such as Jezebel supported his career and enabled his assholery up until his very public, very dramatic meltdown last Friday. Still, when you can spare a bit of time, read the Storify.

So, all that happened, and so Ms. Kendall started up the #solidarityisforwhitewomen discussion because this shit needs to be said. Earlier this evening, after more than 24 hours of the tag going nuts on Twitter, Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel FINALLY posted an article that acknowledged the discussion’s existence.

Acknowledged its existence. Not much else. Didn’t mention the founder. Didn’t dare say anything about the role Jez played in Schwyzer’s abusing WOC feminists behind the scenes. Just…listed a bunch of good Tweets. I suppose it’s better than nothing at all.


2 thoughts on “Privilege is Never Having to Say You Screwed Up

  1. Firstly, there has been some amazing stuff coming out.

    But what has got me, after reading his breakdown is the fact that he is still controlling the narrative. He got the attention back on him, and he directed where it would go, first by naming names. Then when it became not about him he first chided #solidarityisforwhitewomen for being inappropriate (eg not about him) and then defended his editors etc for being utterly under his control, and they shouldn’t be attacked (because that wouldn’t be about him). Because you see, he is such a master manipulator that they lost all agency and will. He is just that good, you now.

    Sucks to be mentally ill, but his selfish behaviour and end outcome is due to years and years of never choosing the kind option. You know what? Why should anyone else care what’s happened to him, he has got all the caring he needs from himself.

    Mental health issues don’t take away or invalidate every decision a person has ever made.

    • Yeah. It’ll be best for all involved if he commits to his flounce. Dude needs to back away from social media. Not just for as long as we keep talking about him.

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