There is such a thing as bad publicity.

Oh, you suck, womb-controllers. You suck, you suck, you suck so incredibly hard.

Some survivors of the actual Holocaust are still alive and will not be amused at your appropriating their suffering for your cause. This goes beyond attention-whoring and into pathology.

As part of its “Do You Know? Do You Care?” campaign, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust staged a protest Thursday outside of the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. The activists not only held signs reading “ABQ: America’s Auschwitz,” they entered the museum to hand out leaflets and demand it commission an exhibit comparing the Holocaust to abortion. They did not, by their own admission, know much about the laws they came to protest.


The activists were mostly from California, and some of them paid $250 to attend the “FIRST-EVER ProLife Leadership Camp,” hosted in Albuquerque because the group considers it to be “the Abortion Capital of the Southwest and the Late Term Abortion Capital of the country.” An anti-abortion coalition that includes Operation Rescue claims to have collected over 25,000 signatures from Albuquerque natives in support of an October ballot measure that would ban abortions after 20 weeks.

You compare Albuquerque to Auschwitz, and demand the museum devote space to an exhibit that compares the systematic extermination of numerous minority groups by the ruling majority to legal abortion access?

No. This is not okay. The millions of people who died in the concentration camps were not helpless little proto-humans whose mothers didn’t want them; they were grown, breathing, struggling people with fully realized lives already underway. There were some who escaped. There were some who managed to evade the Nazi authorities who wanted to kill them. They weren’t just lucky, they fought for their lives. They weren’t dependent on the Nazis for their survival; they were slated for extermination because they were defined as inferior due to ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability. The Nazis decided that the “true” Germans were inherently more deserving of existence, and took it upon themselves to free up more space by getting rid of the so-called inferiors.

The only thing aborted fetuses have in common is that their mothers didn’t want to be pregnant. It’s not “genocide” to allow women to terminate their pregnancies. Family planning is not racism. Fucking hell.

I don’t know how many of those teenagers from California actually believe that aborted fetuses are comparable to Holocaust victims, but I do know their behavior is reprehensible. Go to your room and sit in a corner, you self-absorbed, callous little fuzz-nuggets. Think about what you’ve done.