I will talk about Temar Boggs again.

We have more information about the rescue of Jocelyn Rojas. From Rawstory:

Speaking to a reporter with Lancaster Online on Saturday, 15-year-old Temar Boggs said he was helping move an elderly woman’s couch at a nearby apartment complex Thursday evening when someone approached asking if he’d seen a little girl.

He was helping move furniture for an old lady! Does this kid ever stop being totally huggable?

After a short break, Boggs and a friend, Chris Garcia, walked outside again only to discover a swarm of police in the streets. They were all searching for 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas, who was taken by a man while playing in her front yard just two hours earlier.

The other boy’s name is Chris Garcia! Thank you.

Boggs and Garcia hopped on bikes and began peddling frantically. Suddenly, about a half-mile away from the apartment complex, Boggs spotted her in a dark red car being driven by white man, said to be approximately 50-70 years old.

The two boys followed the vehicle for about 15 minutes as the driver took a winding path through shady neighborhood streets before realizing the teens were onto him. That’s when the man reportedly pulled over at a stop light, pushed his young victim out of the car and sped away.

He was in a car, they were on bicycles. When you bring a knife to a gunfight and win, you know you’re fierce.

Boggs took the girl to the authorities right away, much to her parents’ relief. “I’m definitely grateful God was watching over her and brought her home,” the girl’s mother, Jaimee Smeal, told a local ABC News affiliate.

This is one of those Things Religious People Say that make us heathens roll our eyes. I understand that you just went through a couple hours of Hell, Ms. Smeal, but God was asleep on the job when that creepy old man approached your button-faced little girl in her grandma’s front yard. Don’t thank God for bringing her home; thank Temar and Chris.

Police said at a press conference on Friday that the girl was assaulted during her ordeal, which allegedly began when the man offered to take her to get ice cream. The suspect remains at-large.

That poor baby. Let us give thanks to the badassery of Temar and Chris for jumping on their noble steeds and pursuing the dastardly old white man in his dark red chariot for the good of the adorable little cherub-princess. Let us give thanks to the efficiency of the police force for getting the word out before that perv had time to do worse. Let us praise the families of Temar and Chris for raising brave, tireless, caring boys. Let us thank the townships of Lancaster and Manheim for not having any George Zimmerman equivalents patrolling their dark neighborhood streets while Temar and Chris were doing their good work.

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