I woke up this morning and checked Facebook to find dozens of my friends reporting a Not Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman.

This is about erasure. The way this country excuses, diminishes and rationalizes lethal violence against African-Americans based on the flimsiest pretense means that they (particularly men below a certain age) are constantly having to apologize for their existence. Step even slightly off the line we have arbitrarily set just for you, and you may be shot. If we can prove you weren’t a perfect angel in every possible way, your killer will go free.

It’s about telling African-Americans they’re not supposed to be here. In the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time of day, and failing to show the proper deference to self-proclaimed authority, their lives are forfeit.

3 thoughts on “Erasure

  1. Have you heard about the black woman that fired a warning shot at her abusive husband and got 20 years? She neither hit nor killed anyone.

    • Yep, that too. It’s like we don’t want black folks to stand up for themselves in the face of potentially deadly, unprovoked violence, or something.

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