I want your stories!

Now that SCOTUS has ripped DOMA to shreds and told Prop 8 to go play in its own sandbox, I will be collecting short narratives for a non-fiction anthology.

AND MY WIFE RAN OFF WITH THE CAT will put a human face on the consequences of marriage equality. Did you wake up the morning of June 27th and find yourself divorced? Did your traditional-marriage-defending church spontaneously combust? Did your 5-year-old son and the rest of the boys in his class all elope with their kindergarten teacher and her twin sister? Was your previously family-friendly neighborhood taken over by hordes of buff men in assless leather chaps? Did all the parents in your town abandon their children to a gay-friendly orphanage? Did you hear about your ex-boyfriend marrying his parents’ Labrador Retriever?

If so, I want to hear your story! Get in touch with me through Facebook and show us how the overturning of DOMA ruined everything for proper heterosexual families! All contributors to the anthology will receive a free copy of Suicide is for Mortals upon its release. Meliana and Clarice will be there to comfort you in your time of tragedy.