These are bad people.

Press release from the USDOJ in Ohio:

Three Ashland residents held a cognitively disabled woman and her child against her will for more than two years and forced her perform manual labor for them, law enforcement officials said.

The conspiracy included beating the disabled woman and her child, threatening the woman with a firearm, threatening to kill the woman and her child, threatening the woman and her child with large snakes, forcing them to sleep in a padlocked room with a large iguana and other actions, according to charges filed in U.S. District Court.

They kidnapped this cognitively impaired woman and her small daughter, stole her welfare benefits, and made her do their housekeeping while they abused and terrorized the mother and daughter. They made her life so miserable that when she was arrested for shoplifting a candy bar, she asked the cops to take her to jail rather than send her back to her captors’ house.

I usually prefer restorative justice to punitive justice, and I think the justice system should endeavor to rehabilitate offenders rather than just derail their lives. But in this case, the offenders are so thoroughly corrupt, abusive and sadistic that I doubt they will ever make a positive contribution to society. This is what evil looks like.