No heroes allowed: Calgary student, 13, reprimanded for defending his classmate against a knife-wielding bully

Sure, the kid’s throat might have been slit, but that’s beside the point.

The administrators at Sir John A. Macdonald junior high school are fucking idiots who are effectively supporting bullies. It’s one thing to say you’re not going to ENCOURAGE kids to jump into life-threatening situations. That’s fine. But when a kid DOES intervene and possibly saves another kid from getting KILLED, you don’t fucking PUNISH him for playing the hero!

By all means, keep telling the bullies that their well-meaning classmates are not allowed to get in their way. Keep on teaching kids to be passive in the face of aggression.

Leah O’Donnell, you’re a great parent. Briar MacLean, you’re a good kid and you absolutely did the right thing. We need more families like you. Don’t let those bastards grind you down.