Women in Secularism 2: Breaking News: Even at WiS, we have to defend the purpose of WiS!

Yeah. This happened. I was there in the front row, and I can confirm, Ron Lindsay’s speech was just as bad as it sounds. He was an embarrassment to the “old white guy” demographic. For the amount of time he spent scolding us nasty feminists for our bad manners, we could’ve had another talk.

Dissent of a Woman

If you want some background as to why we even had this conference, Ken Chitwood posted in the Houston Chronicle about it on May 15th about the upcoming event. Female atheists fight for equality in freethought movement

Women are in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to religion. Increasingly, women want more roles, greater leadership and increased participation. At the same time, such vertical movement is harder for women to attain as pockets of religious conservatism tighten control, leaving women with a crisis. It turns out, what is true for women in religion is true for women without religion as well.

From May 17-19 over 300 women will be convening in Washington D.C. for the Women in Secularism 2 conference, a sequel to the first successful gathering the year before. The aim for attendees is to hear from prominent female free-thought activists on this seemingly contradictory predicament.


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