Charles Ramsey is our new folk hero.

I’m sure you’ve seen this story by now:

Berry went missing in April 2003 after last being seen leaving her job at a Cleveland-area Burger King. She disappeared the day before her 17th birthday. One year later, Dejesus, then 14, went missing while walking home from her middle school in the same part of the city. “Both these girls, Amanda and Gina, went missing when the sun was out,” FBI special agent Phil Torsney said in a 2009 podcast asking the public for help. “Amanda was about 7:00 at night; Gina about 3:00 in the afternoon.” The home where they were found Monday was in a residential neighborhood not far from where all three were last seen.

“These three young ladies have provided us with the ultimate definition of survival and perseverance,” Anthony said. “The healing can now begin.”

They are all free and reuniting with their families because a guy named Charles Ramsey heard Amanda Berry screaming for help and came to her aid.

This guy is amazing. Every town should have a Charles Ramsey with boots on the ground. They should give him a house, salary, health plan and transportation stipend so that he can walk around all day looking for people in distress. When he finds them, their lives will be better for having breathed in his presence. America will soon discover that it is not so shocking for a little pretty white girl to run into a black man’s arms. He will be there for the missing white girls AND the missing brown girls; for the imprisoned sex slaves and garden-variety domestic violence cases. If the police or emergency dispatchers act like douches with the rescued girls, Charles Ramsey will step in and ensure that they get the help they need. He will deal with the press so the girls don’t have to. No kidnapper, sexual predator or batterer will be safe when Charles Ramsey is in town. This guy punches Bystander Syndrome in the nuts. He is a credit to the human race.

I’m not even being facetious here. I am genuinely in awe of Mr. Ramsey.


2 thoughts on “Charles Ramsey is our new folk hero.

  1. Mr Ramsey did a wonderful thing. My heart aches for those girls and what they must have endured for all this time. No prison sentence is long enough for those bastards.

    • I’ll tell you what would really help, is for Charles Ramsey to get lots of media coverage, emphasizing that he saw a woman screaming for help, and he went and helped her. So many people would be able to escape violence if there were more people like Mr. Ramsey who responded to their screaming for help by kicking open the door and getting them out. There’ll always be some sick fucks among us like the Castro guys, but if we learn from people like Mr. Ramsey, those sick fucks won’t be able to do so much damage.

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