Let’s get this party started!

Think Progress is on the case. The article is fine, the comments are mostly good, but of course we can’t have any discussion of a gang-rape of an incapacitated teenager without the predictable hand-wringing:

It's a solid block of stupid.

It’s a solid block of stupid.

She’s getting rightly dogpiled over there. How about this: instead of shaking fingers at the girl’s parents for having failed to keep her under lock and key, why not scrutinize the assholes who RAISED THE RAPISTS?

This is Psychology and Neurobiology 101 right here: Kids don’t think about the consequences of their actions before they act. Why not? Because they’re young, their brains aren’t fully developed and they’re short on life experiences. The people who are learning from these experiences will be adults in a few years. The people who will be teenagers by then are just little kids now. No matter how much shit goes through our culture, kids’ brains don’t get any older.

In which "be strong" = "never let your guard down, ever"

In which “be strong” = “never let your guard down, ever”

Yeah, of course, blame us feminists for telling girls it’s not their fault if other people hurt them.

We must never, ever try to MAKE REALITY A BETTER PLACE by advancing the cause of women’s rights to their own bodies, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER to tell girls to lock themselves in their bedrooms by sunset every night than to try to shift the discussion over to the actions of sexual abusers.

Furthermore, of course it’s SO MUCH MORE REALISTIC to ask girls to never, ever let their guard down, never have fun, never relax around other teenagers, than to get those same teenagers to look at rape as a crime against the victim rather than a fun thing to laugh about on Twitter. It’s SO MUCH MORE FEASIBLE to punish teenagers for failing to behave like buttoned-up adults than to demand that rapists pay the consequences for their actions.

Everyone knows it’s totally realistic to expect teenage girls to treat every moment like a potential attack against themselves, but it’s not the least bit realistic or evidence-based to observe that rapists will find a way to rape, no matter how hard women and girls try to protect themselves.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, Liz Calkins. Keep telling yourself that you’re so much tougher and stronger than those silly feminists, so nothing could possibly happen to you.