Ask the Daily Beast, and you shall receive the rape apologism!

Oh yes. Oh fucking yes. Here we go, in the comment section.

Laird Winkelvoss 7 hours ago

Girls, in the 1850’s when you passed out drunk at a party with a bunch of boys present, they would have to do copper engravings of you being assaulted.  Tedious and time-consuming.  Now, you can be instantly humiliated world-wide.  Think about it.

Yes, everything was so much better for women back in the days when we couldn’t vote, own property, access contraceptives, and public knowledge of one act of non-marital sex could ruin our lives.

Everyone knows that this shit keeps happening because WOMEN HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT IT.

kitcurtis 4 hours ago

@MuddyDog The other message my daughter got very, very early.     Girls are biologically not the same as boys.  (It’s surprising how many rabid feminist professors try to push this idea at my daughter’s southern, conservative school).       They have to take responsibility for their own safety because they are the ones who can be raped, get pregnant, etc.   That means (preferably) no drinking, but realistically if you drink, make sure you limit yourself.   Have girlfriends who go with you to parties.  Look out for each other and you don’t leave without each other.

Wear underwear.   Guys get a certain message from girls who don’t wear it.   Unfair; maybe; but that’s life.

And finally.   Your daughters should know they can ALWAYS call you.    They may have to face the consequences for breaking whatever rules the next day, but they should ALWAYS CALL YOU if they are drunk, can’t drive, etc.

And if someone rapes your daughter when she’s wearing underwear, how do you convince her it was her fault?

Then, finally, we have this…entity called Carrabelle. He just keeps on giving.


carrabelle 3 hours ago

@Simits@carrabelle Unfortunately, back in the 60’s sexes were still segregated during adolescent years and society made it harder to have teenage drinking parties.  Never had the chance to remove the candy wrapper and ravish a young slut.

“Remove the candy wrapper”?

carrabelle 4 hours ago

@EmV@carrabelle@MuddyDog I can no longer protect them If they get drunk and rub their “lady parts” up and down some “gentlemans” leg.

You can’t “protect” them when they grow up and leave your house, either. What you really mean to say is that if they don’t wear a chastity belt at all times, you don’t care what anyone else does to them.

carrabelle 5 hours ago

@EmV@carrabelle@MuddyDog I might not be a naive as you think.  I emphasised to my daughters that their decisions had consequences. If you want to be treated as a lady, you have to act like a lady.

Before cameras on cell phones we had latrine walls.  You can still read Roman conquests in the latrines of Hadrians Wall.

If anything happens to you, then you must have done something to bring it on yourself! We Are All Sluts, so don’t blame the guy who had his way with your unconscious body.

carrabelle 5 hours ago

@MuddyDog As the father of two daughters, my tactic was to be brutally honest with my daughters about what and the way boys think and do.   Forget all this kumbaya BS.  Boys want to get in your pants and they will have no remorse in posting their conquest for the world to marvel at thier victories.  Any male who will actually care for you will marry you.

There are two types of men in this world relative to any woman: those who want to rape her, and those who want to marry her. There’s nobody in between, and everyone knows husbands never, ever force themselves on their wives.

carrabelle 1 hour ago

@EmV@carrabelle By legal standards the girl was incapable of consent.  However we are not dealing with adults and there is no suggestion that the boys in question held the sweet innocent flower and poured liquor down her throat as she violently resisted.

We are dealing in a situation that calls for an adult perspective with only adolescent inebribated minds available.  No one in this situation is totally innocent.

This is our answer right here, folks. This is why Audrie Pott’s rapists felt safe to take pictures and spread them around the Internet. This is why her peers responded by shaming and abusing her, rather than calling the police on her rapists. This is why she didn’t tell her parents about the attack. It’s because there are people out there who think that if a girl gets drunk, she is consenting to anything and everything. They will tell her that if she had some drinks, she no longer deserves to be safe.

carrabelle 2 hours ago

@kitcurtis My apology.  I don’t view this as a criminal act as I don’t think that the boys in question had any criminal intent.  I view the situation as a setting where the boys were inebriated and most likely were fondling the girl while she was still capable of “consent” excepting that she was not of legal age for consent.  She in effect became a toy.

Teenage boys live in a world of “pack” mentality and peer pressure.  But we do not live in an ideal world and “excrement occurs.”

I do not argue that the boys should not be punished, I just disagree with the “death” penalty espoused by naive people.  I also believe that women are also responsible for the situation in which they place themselves.

If the boys did what they did without criminal intent, then they are too fucking stupid to be allowed to run loose.

Rapists seek out, and often create, situations that make women vulnerable. They succeed because they know they’ll be backed up by people who will call their victim a “slut” and a “prick tease” who didn’t “act like a lady.”

carrabelle 3 hours ago

@kitcurtis @carrabelle  You can read into my statement what ever you wish. I believe that both males and females have a natural desire to engage in sex. I might be wrong. When I was a teen, boys went to parties attired in slacks, shirts with collars and most likely a tie and shoes with socks. Girls had similar lady like attire.

Now adolescents males come to parties as well as educational classes in tee shirs, short, and flip-flops. Girls come dressed as if they just left the poles at the local strip joint. If your teen daughter is voluntarily drunk, where have you failed?

THE SLUTS ASK FOR IT BECAUSE THEY WEAR SHORT SKIRTS. And if a girl gets drunk, then she has committed a moral failing against the guys in her vicinity and they must take their reparations by raping her.

carrabelle 4 hours ago

@furndok All society knows that you should be endowed with the authority to lay on your back, legs spread and a split second before penetration whisper, “no.”  And of course all responsiblity shifted to the aggressive party with the “dick.”

It’s so nice to see what Mr. Act-Like-a-Lady thinks about our culture finally acting like consent is a good thing.

carrabelle 39 minutes ago

@kitcurtis@carrabelle@Barry Blows There is a state of inebriation where you lose inhabitions yet still have muscle control.  For young people with little experience with alcohol this stage is difficult to control.  Why the assumption that the “by-standers” were not inebriated.

Did this innocent young flower come to this orgy alone or did her “friends” abandon her.  Could she have told her other female minders to take a hike like the innocent young flower in Ohio?

Leave no victim un-blamed, leave no female behavior un-scrutinized.

carrabelle 4 hours ago

@Barry Blows I may be different in body metabolism from others, but passing out for me was not an immediate instantaneous event.  No one knows what was said while the little slut (er victum) was still “lucid.”  I would doubt that any of the parties to a “drunken” orgy are totally cognizant of what occurred.

Somehow, I suspect that Audrie Pott did NOT tell those boys to perform sex acts on her unconscious body and post pictures online. I remember being a 15-year-old girl, surrounded by other 15-year-old girls. We were interested in sex, but that wasn’t our idea of a fun time.

carrabelle 14 minutes ago

@EmV@carrabelle My father took time to point out the downside of messing with a prick tease.  But boys like to play with fire.  In our southern bible belt 50 years ago we were not allowed to have drunken orgies with strollups.

Prick teases and strollups. Someone is still upset that he didn’t get invited to the good parties.

carrabelle 32 minutes ago

@TonyHines Well you will get family justice when the lack of personal responsibity of your prick tease entraps my grandson.

Boy, am I glad neither of my grandfathers ever took this attitude around us kids. I don’t know if it’s ever occurred to my brother or our male cousins how lucky they’ve been to grow up with men who aren’t misogynist, reality-denying predator-apologists. Some day, there’ll be a generation that’s fortunate enough to know that “personal responsibility” means not putting your hand up an unconscious girl’s vadge and posting pictures of said act on Instagram. Some day, men who talk about girls being “prick teases” who “entrap” otherwise decent young men will have died of old age.

This shit right here is precisely why Audrie Pott, Rehtaeh Parsons, Amanda Todd and Felicia Garcia gave up on life. People with this attitude have blood on their hands.


3 thoughts on “Ask the Daily Beast, and you shall receive the rape apologism!

  1. I’ve read all your posts regarding this. Irate over blaming the victim (don’t have the gift of words that you do!). BUT “No criminal intent”???? WTF? Rape is rape period. One thing I think needs to be changed (I know it won’t) is in case of crimes like these the rapists need to be identified by name if there are pictures being passed around of the victim…..or just their mug shots, regardless of their age.

    • By “no criminal intent,” I guess this guy means the boys thought they weren’t doing anything wrong, or they thought Audrie wanted it. I find it very, very difficult to believe that they didn’t know they were doing something horrible to her. If that was their state of mind, then they’re idiots and a menace to society.

  2. What a horrible collection you’ve [ulled together. Carabelle is just a comon as dirt father-of-daughters man-hater, and that bit about excusing the boys because they were stupid – what about protecting people from them?

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