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It seems like Jon Hamm’s penis has enjoyed its literal moment in the sun. Much to the chagrin of the man behind the appendage, photographs of his bulge have made the rounds on entertainment websites and tumblr blogs. While his displeasure is understandable, it takes away from the greater point. Jon Hamm needs to stop dressing like a total slut.

Let’s be real for a second. Wearing a clingy, form-fitting pair of slacks gives the impression that a man is DTBP (Down To Be Photographed). If Jon Hamm didn’t want this type of attention, he shouldn’t have put so much focus on his body by dressing like that. If you didn’t want everyone to stare at your hog, maybe you should have thought of that earlier and donned some more modest apparel. Next time you go out, try not wearing pants like a whore. Maybe consider a loose, flowing kimono…

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