How did we come up with the idea of “implied consent,” anyway?

We have a guilty verdict in the Steubenville case; that’s the good news. The bad news is that this is the cue for Team Rape Culture to tell us what’s really important: those poor, dear boys and their high school’s football program.

Candy Crowley, shame on you for wasting all that air time with hand-wringing over the defendants and erasing the victim. If they didn’t want their young lives derailed by rape convictions, they shouldn’t have penetrated the bodily orifices of a non-consenting person.

Judge, we do not want to send the message that it’s only a crime if you get caught.

Michael Crooke, you’re a disgusting waste of oxygen. Long walk. Short pier. Go. Now.


5 thoughts on “How did we come up with the idea of “implied consent,” anyway?

  1. When I was young I had a “friend” and after a group of us had dinner one night (this was in France) he asked if I would stay to help him translate something. I had known him for several months and I was engaged to be married. When we were alone and I was trying to translate what he wanted, he POUNCED on me like a cat. I said “cut it out” he continued and then said he was sorry and Too Drunk to drive me home”. I slept in the bathroom door well locked, because he continued to behave like an ass. I was not going to exchange getting raped by an unknown vs. a friend and I was on a tight student budget.
    The next day with the light of day I left and politely told him he was a lower form of life. He went around telling ‘everyone’ that I led him on. It was neither here nor there and frankly until I read your post I had not given it much thought, but I guess “implied consent” is when any ASSHOLE thinks he was flirted, or given signals and that between that and NO got lost.
    I did not watch Candy Crowley but you are one of several angry posts I have seen about this. Those lives were ruined the day the rape took place.
    I know my generation of women preferred to keep their mouth shut and look the other way…maybe someone should send Candy Crowley a copy of THE ACCUSED with Jody Foster s she can visualize what the girl went through.

    • Ugh. He probably convinced himself that you “led him on” because you agreed to stay when he asked you to translate something. Because it would be so, so difficult to ask you (or any other girl, particularly one who wasn’t already involved with someone else) to stay behind just to be with him? No, of course he couldn’t have done that; you would have refused.

      Boo. I’m sorry you went through that.

  2. My heart aches for the young girl. Her life is the one that is ruined. I think ALL the bystanders who did nothing and the rest who tried to sweep it under the rug should all be punished. They aided and abetted.

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