Liberal Tips to Avoid Being an Asshole

This idiotic hashtag started out ostensibly as a means to mock Joe Salazar and other anti-gun liberals for supposedly being inadequately committed to supporting women in their endeavor to avoid victimization. If it had kept to the narrative of women using guns to defend themselves against assailants, it would have been problematic, but not reprehensible. Instead, the tag soon spiraled into an orgy of racism, xenophobia, slut-shaming, and other anti-empirical nonsense. It is utterly unsurprising that when conservatives want to mock liberals, the topic of rape is not their friend.

If you think a Twitter topic about how guns supposedly help women protect themselves from rape is your chance to take potshots at immigrants, liberal women, single women, sexually active women, conventionally unattractive women, and women who have had or may later have abortions, you’re not doing conservatism any favors. I’m not really surprised to see 140 characters at a time from people who clearly have a problem with women demanding the right to bodily autonomy and sexual self-determination, but it’s not in your interest to keep giving me material. There’s a good set of reasons why Todd Akin and the rest of Team Rape were roundly humiliated in the last election. There’s only so far you can get by pissing off liberals before the liberals turn out to be the mainstream.

Also, if you think it’s cute to make jokes that imply that ugly women don’t get raped, please hit yourself in the face with a hammer. Whatever effect it has on your cognition will only be an improvement.

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