Suicide on the Metro

My morning commute today included a walk through a sizeable portion of DC because my train was offloaded on the Green Line after this happened:

In what is appearing to be another WMATA suicide, a man was fatally struck by a train at the Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station earlier this morning forcing many trains to single-track between stations on the Green and Yellow lines. The suicide and necessary work to extricate the man from the tracks has created residual delays in both directions for the green and yellow line.

At the time, the train operators and station managers were telling us that someone was hit by a train at Gallery Place, but we didn’t know whether it was a homicide, a suicide, or an accident, or even whether this person was still alive. Fortunately, I was not one of those poor devils stuck in NoVa and trying to head north; I got offloaded at U Street, which is well into the city, and I’m strong and able-bodied enough to walk to the Blue Line. However, there’s something about riding the Metro that brings out the less-charming aspects of my disposition, so as I was leaving the station, my main thoughts were that it was extremely annoying to have the train operator give us the same rambling, inarticulate monologue every three minutes. On the other side of a walk from 11th and U to 12th and G, and in the middle of my morning coffee, I visited WTOP and found that the incident was a suicide.

Now I feel shitty about being so pissed off about the delay and its associated annoyances. Dude killed himself, while I am getting on with my day. A person reaching such depths of misery that he throws himself in front of a commuter train is a bigger deal than my dealing with inconvenience.