Why do these guys keep hitting themselves?

someecards.com - The cat woke me up, I saw a man climbing through my open window, so I jumped out of bed and broke his face. No biggie.

One of my WIPs is a dystopian LGBT novel called Fait Accompli. The setting is the District of Columbia in the not-too-distant future, in which, due to the unforeseen environmental effects of a poorly planned geo-engineering project, the U.S. has an 18-year span of population whose birthrate is only 12% female. This makes life especially difficult for a wide range of people, particularly single women.

The protagonist is Claudia Bowen, a social worker and TKD champion who is recognized as the best martial artist in the city. She was born into fabulous wealth and is rather embarrassed about her old-money roots, but not embarrassed enough not to let her parents pay her rent. She has two brothers, whom she adores, but isn’t interested in having other men in her life.

The project is currently on the back burner while I work on Suicide is for Mortals, partly because the latter is so much more fun to write. Maybe I’m just wired to write fantasy more than dystopian. I’ve had some insight into where the book needs to go since I put it aside, so when I’m ready to get into it again, I’ll be more prepared. In the meantime, I do have some snippets posted at The Monster’s Ink. I will begin cross-posting them over here shortly.