Harry Potter Meets the Beethoven Fallacy

This came up on Pinterest last night.

As the poster points out, it’s a lot less offensive than the pictures of mangled fetuses the womb-control crowd often carries around, so I give credit where credit is due.

However, as one commenter says, if Voldemort had been aborted, the Weasleys would still have Fred. In fact, if Tom Marvolo Riddle had never been born, the Wizarding world would have been spared a huge amount of death and misery and Harry Potter would have grown up with his parents.


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Meets the Beethoven Fallacy

  1. Blame Riddle’s mom for using a love potion. If Riddle was born out of it, he might not be evil and he could have done the wizarding world good with his brilliance.

    • To be fair, if Merope hadn’t used a love potion, Voldemort probably wouldn’t have been conceived at all. Which would have been just as well. The Gaunts had pretty much run their course.

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