UPS not even trying. –REDACTED

Never mind. The issue was confusion from Amazon’s notification system. I got the parcel today.


I still haven’t forgiven UPS for failing to deliver my mom’s birthday present last year.

3 thoughts on “UPS not even trying. –REDACTED

  1. I can’t even use UPS. They sometimes hand packages to the local post office for delivery and I cannot and will not deal with my local post office. I have a p o box in the next town over (about 5 miles @ way). If I can’t have it sent to my p o box I have to do a c/o to a friend in that other town.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if UPS handed the package to my local post office, but in this case, they’re all like, “You live on THAT street? No parcel for you!” Assholes.

  3. I get their little “You Weren’t Home” tags on my door without them even bothering to knock. I swear I watched one UPS guy walk up to the door and leave while I was doing the dishes and he never even bothered knocking, Really can’t stand them these days.

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