Jennifer Roback Morse hates your planned babies.

This is the appalling thing right there, I mean right there is the problem, okay? The way almighty God created our bodies, a man and a woman are supposed to come together in an act of love to produce a new human being. This is the way God wants the human species to continue, as a participation in his divine love and in his divine creative power. That is what is imprinted into our bodies, that’s what we’re supposed to do, that’s what we need to do, that’s what we want to do.

And what we’re doing now, Todd, as a result of the sexual revolution and all its fruits, is that we are in full-on retreat from human relationship between a man and a woman in order to create that child. So going online to buy sperm from a stranger is about as far as you can possibly get from the participation in divine love and divine creation. The fact that these two women want to have sex with each other has no bearing whatsoever on whether this should be permitted or not. You know, buying sperm on Craigslist should be abolished. Buying sperm at all should be abolished. And furthermore, these people should be in jail, I’m afraid.

I mean, you know, honestly, I just can’t even imagine where people think this is going to lead. You know, because the child is no longer a gift from God and a fruit of human love participating in God’s love. The child is now a product, manufactured by adults, and therefore the child cannot be fully the equal of its parent. The object cannot be the equal of its producer or its maker, you know. And so the further we go down this path, the further away we are going from the true ideal of equality before God, of equality before one another, of treating one another with dignity. And the child becomes a kind of chattel. So the legal complications and the sort of ick factor of all of this, it’s important to sort all that out and look at it, but let’s not take our eye off that ball, which is that we have defaced the creator’s plan and intention here by this behavior.

Listen, Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage: There is something you find deeply offensive about couples who plan their babies, rather than just letting the babies happen. This goes beyond hating gays (although that much is obvious) and clearly into the territory of resenting people who have the babies they want rather than the babies that result from torn condoms. You hate women who aren’t dependent on men, you hate families that don’t look like yours, and you’re not too fond of children, either.

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  1. I was very fortunate that in spite of the fact that I CHOSE to wait until my late 30s to become a mother I got pregnant with no help from science. Many of my friends had the fortune and luck to have in-vitro work for them. Their childrean are as wonderful and as important gifts to us all. That is for ANY loving adult/couple who wishes to guide a soul this life.
    Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. Bridges: Tell your creator to go fuck himself for creating people with the “intelligence” to rape and slaughter millions of themselves throughout the world.

      • To be perfectly honest I am not in the least bit offended and I do teeter on the edge of being an atheist. I chose the word Creator specifically for the absurd and holier than thou statements …”The way almighty God created our bodies, a man and a woman are supposed to come together in an act of love to produce a new human being.”
        I too often think if there were Pearly Gates and I got to ask God a question it would perhaps be worded in a different way but the gist of it would certainly be WHY did you ‘create ‘ ….”People with the “intelligence” to rape and slaughter millions of themselves throughout the world.”
        It is a very valid statement and a question I often ponder on so no offence taken. That being said how kind to come to my defense, most appreciated.
        That being said, the one point to clear up is that The Bridge of Deaths explores the roots of WW II and how manipulated we are by the powers that be from a unique perspective and my name is Maria Catalina and not Bridges ;)

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