“She died while protecting herself.”

The young woman who recently died of her injuries from a gang-rape in Delhi was named Jyoti Singh Pandey. Her father, Badri Singh Pandey, wants the world to know who his daughter was. Avicenna shares with us the news that Jyoti’s friend Awindra, who was attacked along with her, has regained consciousness and explained how the police were completely incompetent and unprofessional.

I’m very sorry for your loss, Mr. Pandey. I’m sorry that you and your wife have lost your daughter, whom you clearly adored and who was going to do good things with her life. I’m sorry that your sons, Gaurav and Saurav, have lost their big sister. I’m sorry that Awindra, who seems like a very decent young man, lost his friend. I’m also sorry that Awindra was put through such a horrible experience. I’m glad, however, that Jyoti had a father like you while she lived.

Also, before I go: I don’t agree with the death penalty. I don’t think it’s an appropriate use of state power to kill prisoners, especially when we know that suspects are occasionally wrongly convicted. In the case of the six men who attacked Jyoti and Awindra, however, if someone spotted them outside a courthouse and shot them all dead, I wouldn’t shed any tears.

3 thoughts on ““She died while protecting herself.”

  1. I guess the only bright spot is that Awindra did survive to tell the tale so that the truth could be known and the perpetrators could be prosecuted. Such a tragedy, so many damaged lives.

  2. Inasmuch as this horrendous rape happened in India, and we are in the USA, I feel it was quite inappropriate for the writer of this story to suggest the happenstance of anyone shooting all the suspects outside the courthouse….in India. We in America have our own problems with guns and ‘an eye for an eye’, and we, of any in the world, should not be encouraging it in any other country, much less here.

    • The writer of this piece is right here. I’m not concerned with appropriateness. This story calls for foul language and angry hyperbole.

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