The winter is wasting my time.

My apartment building is not very well equipped to deal with cold weather, and these inadequacies are taking up my not-abundant spare time.

1. The apartment is super-cold in the morning when I wake up, which means it takes me an extra-long time to wake up. When getting out of bed means feeling the winter air through your pajamas, your body sends that signal to the brain that of course you’ll be much better off if you just get five more minutes of sleep. I’m frequently late to work this winter because I keep missing the bus.

(And if you think I should get around that by running the heaters all night long: no. Even putting aside the electric bill, the situation would be untenable. On most nights, when the weather isn’t super-cold, running the heater for more than a couple hours at a time makes the room too hot. In order to sleep, I must turn off the heater.)

2. However, when the weather is super-cold, it takes hours for the heater to get the room even acceptably warm. My feet get cold very easily, and when my feet are cold, I am uncomfortable and cannot concentrate on doing something other than getting my feet warmed up. Ergo, I got nothing done yesterday evening when we had cold rain. In order to work on a book, or do anything creative, I need to be comfortable.

3. If you’re thinking I should “just” warm up by taking a hot bath, that’s another problem. The water pipes struggle to warm up, and there isn’t adequate hot water to take a shower. The water takes a long time to warm up (running purely from the hot tap) and goes cold again in only a few minutes. This means I waste a lot of time and water to run enough for a warm bath. It doesn’t help that there is no heat in the bathroom, so it takes a certain amount of hot water just to neutralize the coldness of the porcelain. There’s a little baseboard heater that keeps the towels warm and dry, which helps a little once I’m out, but meanwhile the walls are sending my body heat outside.

There’s at least one family in my building with small children. How do you get small children to take baths in these conditions? I sure wouldn’t have cooperated with such an ordeal when I was little.

It’s also chilly here at the workplace. I have a heating pad for my feet, but my hands are not enjoying the climate.