We have confirmed that Kate Middleton does, indeed, have a uterus.

In all seriousness, I’m happy to hear that the William and Kate are expecting, because they are under tremendous pressure to continue the royal line, and the sooner there is a baby to show for their union, the sooner the tabloids will find something else to talk about.

Furthermore, I am not interested in witnessing the drama that will unfold if they don’t have a kid and the crown passes to Harry.

However, I am very sorry to hear that Kate is suffering hyperemesis gravidarum, because that is no laughing matter. All the news sources telling us she’s in the hospital with “acute morning sickness” are lying by omission. This is far worse than morning sickness. The Duchess of Cambridge is not having a healthy pregnancy. She has some very difficult, dangerous months ahead of her. With the quality of medical care the royals enjoy, I’m sure she’ll be okay at the end, but in the meantime, her life blows serious chunks. Pun acknowledged but no smugness intended.

1 thought on “We have confirmed that Kate Middleton does, indeed, have a uterus.

  1. I feel like I just heard some odd sort of cross continent radio news program from the 40’s… “this just in… Kate Middleton does, indeed, have a uterus..” funny.

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