Online dating gives abusers plenty of rope.

I found this…gem, of a profile, on OKCupid. Let’s see what the man has to say!

Hello, charming lady! :^)

Let’s get down to business: I’m ready to settle down, get married and start a family after much hard work to achieve financial independence and stability which had left me precious little time to find the life partner I’ve been seeking.

Yes, I meet many women, and my friends continually show me would-be eligible (?) candidates; many are truly desperate. Unfortunately so far, they’ve come saddled with distorted views of reality, stupid beliefs, and a litany of character flaws such as: fickle, close-minded, unfair, unreasonable, overly selfish, bloated ego, insatiable, emotionally unstable, or financially irresponsible.

Hence they cluelessly showed up shamelessly overloaded with baggage I don’t have nor need, such as overweight, with pets or children, debt, poor health or mental illness and/or on meds, unfit, ADD, fake (fill in the gap), professional, familial and/or inter-personal issues, over-estimating their fertility, etc. You get the point: still wonder why most of these “me, me, me, now, now, now” types end up 40-year old dried-up old maids? Duh! lol! ;^P

So I decided to give this a fair shot. Show me a quality match: also without vices such as drinking, smoking, cheating, drugs, gambling, addictions to their FB or gizmos, etc., yet sincere, sensible, no-nonsense, easy-going, and low-maintenance! Those are traits older folks tell me our current generation lacks. :^) Or need I order a tall, slender blonde Eastern-European mail-order bride? Don’t laugh: some friends did well that way… others simply say women ARE baggage that, like anything that Floats (boats), Flies (planes), or F…. (women), is better rented than bought! ;^)


I excell at sifting through scams. Unlike so many folks who think they are “educated” (read: brainwashed into being pickpocketed by political elites and their true constituents), I don’t fall for it, as I understand fully well how dysfunctional the system is, and the costs it entails for gullible folks: let them pay!



catering to the needs and wishes of my better half if/when I have one. Also, what made modern American life so toxic to family life and marriage? They say that currently half – and decreasing – of us adults no longer live in nuclear families.



You have the confidence that you have what it takes: commitment, integrity, and readiness to discuss further.
Hope this didn’t sound like a preliminary job interview letter, lol?!
An please be tall, as in at least 5’10”, and – of course – slender: I’ve picked up enough lil’ shrimpies at bars and clubs whenever I’ve felt like it! ;^p
Thank you for reading my profile, and best luck to you! ttys(oon)!

Woe is me, I’m too short, too flabby, too drunk and too mentally interesting to have this guy’s babies!

I don’t need to sit here and tell you everything that’s awful about this guy’s attitude, do I? If it seems like he would be kind of unpleasant to live with, that’s because he’s an abusive, misogynist sack of shit who views women as fuck-toys and baby ovens rather than human beings with lives of their own.

The fabulous thing about seeing his profile is this: guys like him exist everywhere, and they pursue women in all venues, but they don’t usually walk around with the word “ABUSER” stamped on their foreheads. It’s not difficult for intelligent, discerning women to end up with horrible men in their lives because they don’t seem horrible at first. Online dating, however, gives people the chance to show just how disgusting they are before you even talk to them for the first time, and we can see, some of them gleefully accept the rope and hang themselves with it. The freedom of an online dating profile allows abusers to expose themselves as the toxic goods they are, better than if Lisbeth Salander paid them a visit with her tattoo gun in hand.

6 thoughts on “Online dating gives abusers plenty of rope.

  1. I completely agree with you. One of the few positives of online dating is that you can immediately dismiss 95% of guys simply by their profiles or the first message they send

    • Also, the ones who obviously didn’t put any thought into their profile pics. If you don’t care enough to dig up a well-executed picture of yourself, I guess you don’t take your potential mates seriously.

  2. This could also be a joke..some guys like to create fake profiles like this for a laugh. And I definitely laughed!

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