Get your ass to the polls, Maryland!

To all my fellow Marylanders who have not yet voted (I’m going after work tonight)—

This is an election that counts.

Not just because of Obama vs. Romney; our state reliably breaks blue, but it breaks blue because of the number of liberal Marylanders who go to the polls and vote for Democrats.

However, the state ballot initiatives do not depend on the electoral college.

This is the year when we vote on marriage equality in our state. Every vote counts.

If Question 6 wins, some people will benefit and no one will be harmed.

If Question 6 is defeated, no one will benefit and some people will be harmed.

“But, but, but, my religious freedom—!”

—will not be affected.

The bill explicitly protects religious groups from providing any service that goes against their beliefs. When same-sex couples want to get married, there are plenty of supportive celebrants who are willing to officiate. The ones who would have to hold their noses through gay weddings will be left the hell alone.

Now, think of how it would feel if your fellow citizens were voting on YOUR right to marry the person you love. (The reaction that comes to mind is: “WTF?!”)

Let’s do this, folks. Let’s answer this question so it doesn’t need to be asked again.