Just in case anyone’s wondering…

Thank goodness I live in a sufficiently inland area that I don’t have to worry about any major bodies of water invading my mass transit system’s personal space.

*takes a moment to gape in horror at the state of NYC and coastal NJ*

However, the DC Metro system was shut down from Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon, so I wouldn’t have been able to go to work even if the office had opened, which it did not.

My neighborhood weathered the storm extraordinarily well. I don’t know what PEPCO did for us specifically, but damn, they kept us in good shape. My building never lost power. We had a few flickers, but the lights never went out. I had all this food stored up, and I was going through the stuff that needed to be cooked, assuming that we’d soon be in the dark and I’d switch to the refrigerator, and then it was Tuesday, the power was still on and I had all these Starbucks lattes waiting in the fridge, but I could have made espresso if I’d been so inclined.

The only problem I had in terms of preparation was that I discovered only on Sunday, when the weather was starting to get ugly, that I couldn’t find my umbrella. If not for that, I could’ve gone to visit my family, move my car, see if the local cafe was open, on Tuesday when it was still rainy and cold but no longer dangerous.

Meanwhile, my friends were going without power for hours at a time, and pumping the water out of their basements, and sleeping in their basements to avoid the risk of falling trees, and I was sitting there all snug in my spartan but totally dry little nest.

I don’t feel smug about this. I feel sort of guilty for not having invited anyone to crash with me. Even if we’d lost power, we would’ve been safe, dry and with plenty of fridge space.

3 thoughts on “Just in case anyone’s wondering…

  1. So glad you are safe, I grew up in Bethesda and was happy to hear that the area was spared the horror of so much else we are seeing. I am now in south Florida and it feels very surreal to see that what we were expecting as a hit affected others so terribly.
    A friend who works at a law firm in DC was furious they wanted her to show up on M onday even thought the Metro was closed!
    Happy Halloween and glad you stayed safe! :)

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