Sunday Storytime: “The candle that burns twice as bright.”

This is an immediate follow-up to last week’s entry, which was from Daniel Lucas’s POV. This is one is Rachel Lucas, Meliana’s younger sister.


I don’t know why they even bothered having any more kids after Jerome, but I didn’t say that anymore. I guess I should’ve known better than to say anything around my parents, but it really bothered me to see Scanlon’s face on the news without him speaking for himself.

Subtlety is for suckers.

Scanlon was always totally straight-up, honest and had no time for bullshit. I always thought a kid would be the luckiest person ever to call him their dad, but for the same reason he never had a family. He was way cooler than anyone else in my family. My sister is a good person, but she’s not the center of the universe, for fuck’s sake, and my parents act like she’s the Greatest Daughter of All Time, but really, they put more energy into raising her than they could ever get back. My brother is a good guy, in fact he’s a much better person than my family deserves, and I was the ordinary, boring daughter who came along and ruined everything, so, like I said, I don’t know why they even had a third child.

The point is, I was hoping to see Scanlon again, and as much as my mom is full of shit, she wasn’t wrong to be worried. Totally healthy and sane forty-something guys do not just disappear simply because they’re working on some awesome new story. My dad was either lying to my mom to make her feel better–like a dishonest asshole–or he was lying to himself, but I was not going to pretend everything was hunky-dory until someone could tell me Scanlon was okay. One of the quotes I learned from him was, “the candle that burns half as long burns twice as bright.” I could always tell he was burning twice as bright.