Sunday Storytime: “He’s gonna piss someone off for the last time.”

I’m BAAAAACK! This is from Book 4, told from Daniel Lucas’s POV. He’s Meliana’s dad.


“Honey, have you seen this?” Amanda said from the living room, where the evening news played from the TV.

The reporter is being reported on.

I walked in and saw a picture of Scanlon Ness in the corner of the screen next to the news anchor’s head. MISSING, said the headline.

“He didn’t call at work and no one’s seen him for days,” said Amanda.

“That happens sometimes,” I said, though Amanda’s concern gave me pause. “He runs off for some brilliant new lead and forgets to tell anyone where he is.”

“But he doesn’t usually show up on the evening news,” said my wife. “Someone’s really worried about him.”

“I guess we can look forward to another Pulitzer,” I said.

“Danny, it really sounds like something’s happened to him,” said Amanda.

I bounced it around in my head a bit. The news story was suspicious, even for Scanny, so I couldn’t blame Amanda for worrying, but I knew Scanlon better than she did, and worrying about him would cost months off your life you could never get back. “If anyone hurt him, they’d want to take credit for it, so as long as there’s no body, he’s probably fine.”

“Well, it’d better be a Pulitzer winner, if he’s off the grid for this long,” she said. I could tell she wasn’t convinced, but she knew what I meant about him.

“Dad, don’t you think some day, he’s gonna piss someone off for the last time?” asked my daughter, Rachel. We weren’t even quite sure why she bothered to watch the news with us, as she always found it nothing but tedious. Our son was studying in his room.

“You should be on your way to bed,” I said, as Rachel’s remark stank of deliberately trying to bother Amanda.

“I don’t know why I bother saying anything in here,” Rachel muttered out loud as she stomped up to her room.