Mom-blaming only goes so far.

This is cute. Doug Barry at Jezebel reports on some article at the Telegraph (aka Torygraph) about some study that says children pick up their drinking habits from their mothers, not their fathers:

A British think tank called Demos tracked the drinking patterns of 18,000 people over the last three decades, finding that, at about 16, those more precocious drinkers were most influenced by their peers, while at 34, their propensity to “binge drink” correlated to how much they had thought, as a young-un, that their mother drank. Researchers found that for each step on the four-point scale of booziness that mothers ascended, their children’s drinking rose about 1.3 times above government recommendations. Fathers, meantime, had no such effect on their kids’ adulthood drinking habits

Now, granted, the study subjects were all born ten years before I was, and America is not Britain, but then again Britain is our mother country and we’re not all that different in culture. I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes, the children’s drinking habits have nothing to do with the example they learned from their mother and everything to do with their own depravity. Sometimes, the mother is a near-teetotaler for most of the children’s youth, and the children know it, and they still grow up to fill their Recycling bins with beer bottles. Some children learn things without any help from their moms, such as: it’s fun to get hammered.

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  1. For every mom who drank like a fish you will find one like mine, a theologian teetotaler. If people wonder about my love of weed then they need not look any further than me.

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