Observation about technology

The whole point of Amazon Cloud Reader is so that you can read a Kindle book at work without being seen looking at your Kindle. If you just wanted to read Kindle books on your home computer without buying an e-reader, you’d use the Kindle App. There’s one for pretty much any device you might carry around. (Though not for my phone, because my phone is worthless and weak.) The Cloud Reader is all about reading a book at your desk while your boss isn’t looking. Those crafty mofos at Amazon think of everything.

On that note, I finished The Casual Vacancy this morning. It is a powerful book, but let’s get something straight here: when JKR said she was writing a book for grown-ups, she was not kidding. If you’re looking for something you might read aloud to a 12-year-old, this is definitely not recommended. The adult themes contained herein include, but are not limited to: poverty, heroin addiction, child abuse, rape, racism, classism, sexism, bullying, self-injury, underage drinking, marital infidelity, mental illness aaaaaand pedophilia! Welcome to Pagford, motherfuckers!