Although, now that I think of it…

With the previous post in mind, I now have the idea for my next post-apocalyptic novel. Women of Earth get sick of men’s bullshit, so they reduce the world’s population by slightly less than half! They start with the police and military, move on to their own husbands/boyfriends/sugardaddies, then their minor sons, and…I’ll figure out the rest later. The point is, women organize a rebellion and massacre all the men. They don’t need to worry about reproduction because, as Greg Hampikian pointed out, there’s plenty of frozen sperm to go around. I think it would be a little more interesting if they kept a small percentage of hand-picked men alive and in cages, in case they need some more genetic diversity.

And once that’s all squared away, women don’t just drown all their sons at birth. They still raise boys! Only they struggle with the question of how to raise their boys so that they don’t grow up to be another generation of violently insecure, evidence-free mansplainers. The thrust of the story will be mostly sociological, rather than genetic or logistic.

What should I call it?

(Seriously, though, if you want to see an example of a man who is a member of society without being the Strong Protective Hunter, look at Charlinder. His lady-friends don’t keep him around because they need him to lift heavy stuff. They just like him.)