Sunday Storytime: “Hoping for someone else to have an accident.”

Fait Accompli today! Tasha Morgan explains to us why adoption is a relatively rare phenomenon in the Broken Generation. In a previous Storytime, Claudia showed us how the BG makes life difficult for lesbians. In another, we heard from Claudia and her neighbor, Dr. Epstein, about what happened to reproductive freedom under DOALA, the Defense of American Life Act. In this one, Tasha will also show us how the BG is rough on straight men and women. In fact it’s hard on pretty much everyone except for gay men who don’t want children. DO means Dual Opportunities, an immigration program for young women. BG means Broken Generation, the age group which is only 12% female due to the environmental effects of a poorly-designed geo-engineering project. ARC refers to a rash of particularly vicious crimes against women that have been happening in recent months.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t think homeschooling is a bad thing, but I do think there are good reasons to do it and shitty reasons to do it.



Part of the job of women like Joy Harrison and Claudia Bowen in Social Services is to facilitate adoptions of children whose mothers aren’t available to parent. It’s not often that they’re called upon to do this part of their jobs, because in the Broken Generation, it’s rare for an infant to be placed for adoption. I’m sure you think this much is obvious, seeing how the BG is so short on working uteri to grow babies in need of families, but it goes deeper than that. To understand what it takes to make a family happen in the Broken Generation, you need to know, first, how the men break out into groups.

Everyone has their eye on the baybeez.

There are basically three types of BG men: about half are what we call BG boys, who are uninterested in fucking women and therefore do not have to fight over the small share of pussy that’s available. The next group are Husbands and Lovers, HALs for short, who are heterosexual (or mostly heterosexual) men who have women in their lives. In a generation that’s only 12% female, you can bet that there are a lot of men who have no hope of any sustained intimate relationship with a woman, but actually, there are not quite as many as you might expect.

With our demographics, we figured out that desperate measures had to be taken, so our generation decided that it’s okay for a woman to have more than one man at a time. I’ve rarely ever had another man aside from my husband, as I found one man and several children to be quite enough on my plate, thank you much, but the option was always there. Some very good-looking BG females have as many as five guys at a time. I get the impression that the guys don’t really like to share, but when the alternative is to get no action at all, they share and they don’t complain too often.

For a little while there when we were coming of age, some of our parents thought our guys could fill the gap with women from other countries, but as it turns out, those other countries do not want to let their young women leave their countries (Bowen calls it a womb-drain) to help patch up our mistakes. They don’t want lonely American men moving to their countries in search of pussy, and they don’t like to see their young women move out and fill our beds. We have our Dual Opportunities program, it’s true, but the girls have to overcome a lot of hostility from their families before they can pack up and leave. What our elders were really thinking of when they assumed we’d just bring in more females from other countries was that we’d import a whole generation of mail-order brides. I’ll tell you what happened then: the businesses that sell—I’m sorry, arrange and facilitate—mail-order relationships saw what was going on and jacked their prices way up. They priced 95% of BG men out of the market so fast our guys didn’t know what hit them.

Anyway, between the BG bitches who juggle multiple mates and the foreign women who come in through DO and mail-order, most of the BG’s straight guys manage to achieve some family life or expect it to happen eventually. That still leaves plenty of men who want women but are probably never going to have what their fathers told them they were entitled to get. We call these guys Extras, because we look around and think our generation would do just fine without them.

The line between HALs and Extras is blurry, and many HALs live with this ever-present fear that they could become Extras. One of the effects of this anxiety is that it makes BG men into very good fathers. A man’s girlfriend gets pregnant while he’s around, he’s got to be really opposed to a baby to leave her, and let’s face it: if a pregnant woman breaks up with her partner, it’s probably because she got sick of his bullshit and kicked him out. There are lots more where he came from. The point is, since BG men have to compete so hard with each other to be with any women at all, they don’t conceive very many kids who end up with other families.

There’s also a line between the BG females, but it’s not a line that we discuss very often. Most parents of BG girls raised their daughters in the real world, where they had to grow up with an awful lot of boys around who weren’t going to play nice with them. The ones with a little money to throw around, like the Bowens, put their daughters in martial arts lessons where they have fancy names for different ways of hitting people upside the head. The ones with no money to throw around, like mine, just sent us outside to play in the streets with our brothers and their friends, and when we got into fights, we learned to fight and we got good at it. Some families managed to find community groups offering kickboxing lessons for free to neighborhood girls, but even that isn’t the point. We came home with bruises and cuts, we worked out extra hard because we had to, and we learned how to be just as tough and mean as the men. We get attacked nonetheless, but we know how to put up a fight. We call ourselves BG bitches, and we like to say we’re hard to kill.

Then there were the families that saw how few girls they were having, and responded by keeping them shut inside. They home-schooled the girls, hardly let them speak to boys outside their own brothers, and hardly let them leave their homes. These are the girls who were only allowed to play with other girls in locked rooms with curtains drawn, who hardly even went to the grocery store without their mothers until they were married, and who probably never learned to drive until their husbands decided it would be useful. These are the very religious families; the Christian dominionists, the ultra-Orthodox Jews, the traditional Muslims, the recent immigrants who don’t want their kids acting too American. This is where girls like Nadia come from, but most of them don’t have her guts. They were treated like they were weak, helpless and couldn’t possibly look after themselves in this big scary world, and sure enough, they grew up weak, helpless and totally unprepared for this big, scary world. I didn’t really know these girls existed until I joined the force. They’re known to police, social workers, healthcare workers, Legal Aid and not much else. We call them the Invisibles.

The reasoning behind DOALA was that America needed more babies than BG bitches were willing to make, and the secondary reasoning was that when BG bitches were unwilling to raise the children they conceived, they could just as easily give them up for the nice BG boys to adopt. It didn’t quite work out that way. As the BG reached adulthood, gestational surrogacy became a lot more popular, a lot more socially acceptable, and a lot more expensive. Men have to scrimp and save for years to become parents, women like Shea Russell get paid low six figures per pregnancy, and there still aren’t nearly enough babies for all the men who want to be daddies, but DOALA hasn’t done much to change all that. All those years of women signing up, choosing daddies and scheduling pregnancies on their own terms—there’s a reason why we call it “volunteering”—gave us the idea that it’s just fine for women to grow babies for other families, if they sign themselves up from the start.

Personally, I don’t know how they do it. Not all my babies were planned, but the thought of walking out of the birthing center missing even one of them puts me in a cold sweat. I guess it helps women like Shea that their babies don’t look like them, but I’ve never been prepared to try.

It’s not like we’re a society that tells people if they can’t grow a baby in-house, they don’t deserve to be parents. We’re just up-front about where the child has to come from. International adoption was another one of those ideas that didn’t pan out. Most of the source countries that wealthy American couples were using for coveted children were getting better at using birth control for decades before the BG grew up, and when they saw we were missing a lot of girls, their governments rounded up the adoption agencies—many of which were just fancy-looking kidnappers, anyway—and chased them out. They were tired of letting Americans rob their cradles, and they got serious before we got worse. We didn’t really know back then, or at least we didn’t want to know, how many of those international adoptions were just highly paid, elaborately arranged kidnappings, but for domestic adoptions, we never had any excuse. We’ve always known that hoping to adopt a baby was, at best, hoping for someone else to have an accident.

The thing is, BG bitches don’t have many accidents that we can’t get under control. A woman gets pregnant accidentally and doesn’t want the baby, she finds a doc like Paul Epstein to make her not pregnant. She doesn’t like it when other women terminate, that doesn’t stop her when it’s her belly growing a baby she didn’t ask for. Most of the babies coming up for adoption nowadays are from teenagers who got raped by Extras. There aren’t too many of them, either, because most of the post-BG parents have their daughters on birth control like it’s their job. Occasionally there’s a DO who gets pregnant through a rape and doesn’t know where to find a doc to get rid of it. A BG bitch or DO gets pregnant from just messing around, and wants to have the baby, she keeps it. There are plenty of men who are only too happy to help her raise her child if it means filling her bed. Every once in a while, there’s an Invisible single girl who gets pregnant either by messing around or by rape, and her family forces her to give the baby up as her punishment for not keeping her pussy locked up tight. When that happens, though, the babies don’t generally go to BG boys who can’t afford to work with volunteers. The babies go to more of the same type of families that raised the Invisibles.

For a couple of BG boys who want a child but don’t have the money to win the auction for a volunteer, there aren’t many options. The ARC babies were all adopted out, but those pregnancies were all freakish occurrences. Most of those women’s social workers had probably never arranged an adoption before then, and they won’t do it again any time soon.