Sometimes, the wrong people win.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has given South Dakota the green light to force abortion providers to tell their patients that by seeking abortions, they face an increased risk of suicide. There might be a case to be made for “informed consent” if the “science” behind this increased risk weren’t a transparent case of correlation-not-causation. This is the part that chaps my ass, as Erin Gloria Ryan quotes from the majority opinion:

“On its face, the suicide advisory presents neither an undue burden on abortion rights nor a violation of physicians’ free speech rights.”

What is that I don’t even.

The law requires all physicians offering abortion care to read a script to their patients, including some word salad about how the woman has an “existing relationship” with a “human being” who will be terminated in the procedure, as if they haven’t figured out what’s actually going on. In this script is also the “suicide advisory,” which compels doctors to tell their patients that having abortions will make them more likely to off themselves, all scientific evidence to the contrary. IOW, it forces doctors to tell their patients what the state wants them to hear.

This is an infringement on their right to free speech.


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