Ryan Holiday, please take this aloe for that BURN.

Oh, dear. If you’re going to accuse Irin Carmon of being Part of the Problem, you’d best have an honest angle on the issue, your facts had better be solid and your argument had better be airtight. Otherwise she might do this to you:

But in Holiday’s formulation, sexism or discrimination aren’t real, they’re just something he uses as a way to sell products. No one actually believes in what they write or the issues they’re writing about, because, Holiday claims, we are all motivated by a desire for attention or money. I’ll freely admit that like most writers, I prefer my work to be read and I like to be paid for my labor. But you know what reliably gets more traffic than articles about gender or, the beat I’ve been on for several years now, politics and reproductive rights? Cats and iPhones. You know who reliably makes way more money than journalists? PR people and authors of self-aggrandizing tell-alls.

With that in mind, it’s somewhat ironic that Carmon advises Holiday to “punch higher next time” rather than focus on a small fry like her. Any higher, and the punch-back will knock his head off.