Sunday Storytime: “New dimension of internecine hostility.”

It’s that time of the week again! Things are looking up as far as my authorly duties go; I’m now in the hurry-up-and-wait stage with Charlinder, and aside from that I can get back to attending to my other stories. I still haven’t done any actual writing yet, but the situation is quickly coming under control. Here is a little snippet from Book 4, which I have tentatively titled Suicide is for Mortals. (Subtitle: Immortality Sucks.) Scanlon is the narrator again.


A new sun was rising over Rezarta…

By the time Arturo Reza died in the late 90s, Rezarta had spread down to the border with Mexico, which opened up a new dimension of internecine hostility. The magic-handlers, particularly the opportunists, had no problems loosening up the border and giving Mexicans an easy way into the U.S. Even the purists found they got along better with Mexican mundanes than with the Anglophone Americans who’d been going in and out of Rezarta for decades. There was a predictable increase in the number of barely-skilled workers coming in from Mexico, which further weakened the economic landscape for the mundane population. After Reza’s death, his old friends, cronies and advisors started thinking they were onto something. They decided that actually, they could get along very nicely with mundanes, as long as they were grateful to be where they were. If they could have legal grounds to expel the original non-magical population and choose which mundanes they allowed to stay, then their problems would be solved.

On Christmas Day of 2001, Rezarta announced its secession from the United States. If they’d tried it ten years earlier, it might have worked, but unfortunately, they were in the second term of President Miranda Hutchinson, who was having none of that bullshit.