Shameless Saturday: Charlinder is in demand.

Monster’s first virtual book tour is underway! Here is a round-up of our first week of publicity.

“I’m doing this, mofos! Just try and hold me back!”

Eric Swett at My Writer’s Cramp: “It is very well written and it will make any reader think about their own beliefs and how flexible they can truly be.”

Laura Roberts at Black Heart Magazine has a lot to say, concluding: “Whether you’re interested in reading more dystopian fiction or just enjoy a good story, Charlinder’s Walk is worth a read.”

Kate at I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read asks me some questions. My answers start out with, “They rattle the bars of their cages…”

Jo Bryant at Chronicles of Illusions appreciates Charlinder’s thematic elements, as well as “great characters,” “humor,” and “lovely style of writing.”

The Amazon reviews from my advance readers include “Intriguing and engaging” and “An engaging and exciting walk through a post-Plague world.

For the rest of this four-week tour, there is a Rafflecopter organized by Novel Publicity, for a $50 Amazon gift card. Pay them a visit, will you?