Injustice has been served.

According to Colorlines, CeCe McDonald has pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. While this charge is far less appalling than murder, and a 41-month prison sentence is less damaging than 80 years, it is, nonetheless, wrong. They attacked first, and she acted in self-defense. She has been prosecuted for having refused to take their abuse sitting down. This is a great way to send a message to trans people, especially black trans women: “We do not want you here.” It is an act of erasure, far less gradual and subtle than most.

4 thoughts on “Injustice has been served.

  1. I am not familiar with the story, but I have no doubt that Trans people get attacked as many feel such a threat. A horrible fear of change and a lack of acceptance of progress.
    I lead a conservative life because that is what I enjoy, but a few years ago in Times square there was an amazing Trans wedding to show protest against the lack of rights by gays. I stayed and had my then 12 year old son with me and I found it imperative that he understand two things, Always respect other regardless and do not be afraid to be who you are, what ever that may be.
    Very cool that you spotlight injustice.

  2. What a shame that she had to cave in to the pressure of a foolish case. The tragedy of this case, while most notably effecting the transgender and black communities, is really a tragedy for us all.

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