Another round of, “Wait, why are we talking about this?”

I’m not quite sure why there is a Debate going on about what Jessica Simpson named her daughter.

It was, perhaps, inevitable that we’d all make a federal case over the fact that Jessica didn’t give birth a month ago (she carried big at an early stage, I guess?), and there’s going to be ridiculousness over the mode of delivery whatever it was, but…we’re getting all upset over the name Maxwell for a girl? Really?

As celebrity baby names go, a girl named Maxwell is pretty well within the range of normal. As long as it isn’t YOUR kid having to show up at elementary school with that name, I don’t see why it has to be a problem. While we’re on the subject, I’ve seen some mostly normal couples give their kids some really obnoxious names, and if you’re one of those parents who gave their kid a name that looks like the alphabet vomited on a cheap linoleum floor, you’re in no position to throw stones.