Today’s Metro Etiquette

For the love of Pete, please, people, do NOT stand still, or stop short, just in front of the foot of an escalator. Even if it’s going up. That’s only mildly less offensive than blocking up the foot of an escalator moving down. Get your directions straightened out with your friend BEFORE either of you get on. Otherwise, you are standing in the way of people who are trying to get home from work, and there is just no upside to that.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Metro Etiquette

    • I’m referring to the folks who stop short in front of escalators to have a conversation. Or gather in groups waiting for their friends to meet them.

  1. Thought so… even worse are the ones that cluster outside the only restroom in the store you specifically stopped at because you _HAVE_ to pee and frown at you when you try to gently move past.

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