Sunday Storytime: “You love the ladies, and they love you!”

This week, I’m going to show you another sample from Charlinder’s Walk. This one is not shown on the website and has not been previously posted at this blog. I shared it with the ladies at the meetup at Teaism (thanks, Ananda!) and they enjoyed it, so today I’m posting it here.

The context is that Charlinder is going to leave on his journey within the next few weeks. All the village know he’s leaving, and they’re going to miss him, so his gal-pals are taking turns saying good-bye to him. As a result, he’s having sex a lot more often than usual, and his uncle is not oblivious. Therefore, Roy is going to tease him a bit. The village does communal meals in the main square, thus the “coming in from dinner” bit.

Also below the jump is a tidbit from my fourth novel, which is currently in the planning stage.

“So, who’s the special girl?” Roy asked that evening after they came in from dinner.

“Which ‘special girl’?” Charlinder reacted, now completely wrong-footed.

“I know you’re doing sex, and a lot of it this week. I can smell it on you.”

“Oh, shit,” he cringed. “Sorry.” He sat down on his bed and took off his moccasins.

“Don’t apologize,” Roy chuckled as he reclined on his bed, “just tell me, who’s the lucky girl?”

“Meredith today. Before that, it was Yolande,” he went on, while Roy’s eyes opened wide, “then Phoebe,” Charlinder felt his face burn while his uncle struggled not to laugh, “then Sunny.”

“Damn,” Roy began.

“No, please don’t—”

“My nephew, the sex god!”

Charlinder buried his face in his hands. “Stop it, Uncle!”

“I always knew you had a way with the ladies, but this?”

“Shut up!”

“This is really something!”

“I’ll hit you!”

“Oh, pfft, I may be old, but I can still knock you down with one hand!”

“You want me to smack you in the face with a wool card? Because that’ll leave a mark!”

“You haven’t landed a good shot in anyone’s face since you delivered Robert a fresh knuckle sandwich when you were seven.”

Of course that was true; he could threaten Roy about as well as he could order a buck to fall on his arrow.

“Shit,” Charlinder muttered, “I wish I knew what was going on.”

“Char, it’s not just a river in Egypt.”

“I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“That’s simple: you love the ladies, and they love you!”

“Aaaagh!” he groaned.

“If it makes you this uncomfortable that your spinning buddies are all jumping your bones, you could just tell them no,” Roy suggested. “I think they’d understand.”

“Why in the hell would I do something like that?!” Charlinder demanded.

“Because this is obviously bothering you so much?”

“You’re the one who’s bothering me! The sex is the only thing in my life right now that feels good!”

The ridiculous grin dropped off Roy’s face; they both just looked at each other for a few seconds.

“Okay, then,” said Roy. “Sorry I asked.”

Charlinder got into bed and faced the wall.

“Anyway,” said Roy, “Have you decided on a date of departure yet? Do you know exactly when you’re leaving us?”

Charlinder figured it would have been much better if Roy had started with that question. “I’ll leave by the middle of the month.”

“The fifteenth? Sixteenth? We need specifics here.”

“I haven’t quite figured that out yet, okay?”

“Then you need to figure it out soon.”

In case you’re wondering, I do not show that many sexual encounters, that close together, in detail. Just my writerly opinion, but that would have been a tad excessive, especially in the first of the novel’s five sections. The explicit sexytimes take place later on. There are other, earlier excerpts from Charlinder’s Walk here, and a much later one as our first Sunday Storytime.

So far, I’ve shared snippets from this one, from my complete rough draft User Assembly is Required, and from my WIP Fait Accompli. You think that’s all I have on my plate now? Why, no. No it is not. I am also planning another novel, whose outline is not yet complete but which has achieved a tentative first line in the last few days. This wouldn’t be enough for a whole Sunday Storytime by itself, but maybe, just maybe I’ll have enough text for an entry by next Sunday? For now, we will merely call this project Book 4. Here is its current first line:

Meliana was the first person I cared to watch in all the years since I died.

This’ll be an urban fantasy told from the first-person POV of more than one character. Some of whom are still alive and mortal.